The Institute offers to students a range of possibilities, facilities and tools to help them choose the best career move through the constant update of the curriculum activities and gives them support for their integration during the whole school time and then during their first steps into employment.

The International Office is at students’ disposal to guide them through all procedures and provide them, before enrolling, with all the details on tuition and housing. A welcoming and supporting program is also provided, to facilitate them at their arrival, with some advices on the best possible stay in Italy.

Accommodation arrangements

The International Office supports students in finding suitable accommodation (according to their budgets).

Here are some hints about costs of housing in Naples:

Shared flats:

  • single room from 350 euro per month

  • double room from 250 euro per person /per month.


  • single room from 570 euro per month

  • double room from 390 euro per person/per month.

The School suggests the students should live in a recommended residence at first and later choose the permanent housing. The School helps students in understanding the rental contract.
International Students should estimate a budget of euro 500/700 per month to cover the general cost of living.

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