Why study in Naples 

City soaked with history, from time an extraordinary cultural forge, nowadays Naples confirms its centrality in the cultural panorama of the European capitals and it also becomes a productive and commercial sites of great national and international interest.

Sunny, beautiful and welcoming, it gives logistic and interesting arrangements because the cost of living is lower than other important Italian cities. ISD is located in Naples city centre, not far from the railway station, the metro station and the airport, so it is the ideal location for students who want to enjoy study visits and sightseeings in the most important Italian and European cities which are easily reachable in few hours by train or plane.



A warm atmosphere for learning.
Limited-number classrooms, the personal relationship and the direct communication with ISD staff and with each Professor generates a strong motivation for the students and enables them to have all the necessary attention in order to express their ideas at best.

Students are followed day by day by Professors who check their learning skills; in this way, each student acquires a solid preparation as they are always supported and followed during the lessons. If the student attends regularly the courses at an high standard, he/she can complete the learning process in the expected time.

The method
An updated learning process that helps the students to develop their talent at best. Frontal lessons and workshops with practitioners in the chosen field are combined with internships and guided tours in several companies and agencies which allow students to experience the working environment.

In the fields of fashion, communication and design, the “made in Italy” brand is from time a synonym of quality guarantee and creativity. The purpose of ISD is to teach students the great Italian traditional experience in these fields to create able, charismatic and successful designers that can compete with the most important designers of the past.

Excellence in Teaching
Innovative teaching methodologies and experience are the requirements whereby our Professors have been chosen. ISD Professors are University Professors, qualified and estimated professionals and experts. They are able to provide the students with applied and innovative abilities to face the continuous innovations of the business world.

Graduate Students’ Success
Thousands of students who have attended ISD courses are now working in fashion, design and communication companies. Many of them hold important positions in the business world and have already reached their professional goals, both in Europe and in the world.90% of ISD students are able to find a job within six months after their diploma.

Relationship with the business world
The education is achieved through the analysis of real-life situations, visits, internships, workshops and events. ISD always interacts with different companies through the participation/cooperation of lecturers, consultants and testimonials who provide an important knowledge for the growth and the professional qualification of future designers. The participation and organization of exhibitions, fairs, parades, press conferences and meetings with companies allow students to spread their projects and their creative skills.

Welcoming foreign students
Our International Office is at students’ disposal to guide them through all procedures and provide them, before enrolling, with all the details on tuition and housing prices. A welcoming and supporting program is also provided, to facilitate them at their arrival, with some advices for their best possible stay in Italy.

Italian language courses
These courses allow, without any difficulty, to follow all of the activities of the Institute, but also to acquire an important background in order to be able to approach today’s competitive business world.




ISD offers three years courses to students who have a general high school degree needed for university admission. the first year aims to help students to acquire the cultural and technical skills needed to approach a design topic in the referred field. the second and third years are dedicated to the training simulation by handle some projects strictly connected to the reality of such specific professional areas. students practice in the area of design as it was in a real professional environment. they will learn how to manage a project in all its aspects, they will be able to work in teams, learn from the projects of their colleagues and from collective feedback.



One year postgraduate courses for students who already posses a strong previous education in the field but wish to attend an advanced specialized programme


One year academic courses for students who have no specific basic knowledge, wish to acquire a complete training and have limited time availability:

summer / winter

Summer/Winter School offers different kinds of intensive international courses. The programs last from two to four weeks. The study plans are made of face-to-face classes, laboratories and excursions to the city of Naples, meeting point of nature, history and arts. Classes are in English or Italian with simoultaneous translation. Summer/Winter courses take place every month except August.